Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What are the problems that our state has to face in the water sector? Scarcity, droughts, floods, pollution, environmental conflicts, interstate problems or what?
We know all these were there haunting the state ever since we could remember...
But we have to change the state of affairs... for the good. Now, let us put our heads together and think up how the state has to proceed with its developmental activities now ongoing.
This is a forum for standing up and airing your views.

So let us start... start telling to us, to your friends at CWRDM, in Calicut, in Kerala, in India and to the world out there, how YOU think the issues could be resolved...
Start posting on the topic
Kerala's Water Resources - the problems and opportunities that would come alive on the horizon of 2009...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Inter-State Water Disputes-The Mullapperiyar dispute

Interstate water issues - It is clear that the makers of the Indian Constitution could not foresee that this class of interstate conflicts could take on such dimensions as we see in the case of Mullaperiyar. However the tribunal set up as suggested by the Interstate dispute Act, 1956 is perhaps the only solution.
Now as an independent research worker, it is most welcome to study the issue in some depth and try to organise our own opinion on the topic with due respect to the honourable courts which are examining the problem.
In this backdrop, the following may be some hints to proceed with the discussion on the issue.
What you think about the whole issue? How the Kerala states should approach it? Can you suggest any change of course? Any legal instruments needed? What to you think about the existing Kerala Irrigation and Water Conservation Act (2003)? Read the concerned provisions in the Act and comment...

CM at New Delhi with Union Minister for water resources Prof.
Saifuddin Soz and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister
M. Karunanidhi during discussion on Mullapperiyar issue